New Shipment of Belle Madame, exclusive line from Germany is in now!!!

Our Location (discreet shopping for toppers and hair loss solutions)

Our address is : 7 West State Street, Suite 206, Sharon, PA 16125

Privacy is important to many of our customers, so rather than a main street location, we are located on the second floor of the First National Bank Building in downtown Sharon.  We also have partitioned areas for your privacy during consultation with an educated expert on thinning hair, toppers and hair loss solutions in addition to full systems/wigs  for hair replacements if needed..  Directly across from the Winner, and located on the side of the building that faces the McDonald's drive thru, you will see a door located near the bank's ATM drive through.  This door is conveniently right in front of the parking area.  Once you enter, you are directly in front of the elevator.  Take it to the second floor, and follow the signs around the corner to the right.  There we are! 

       If you should ever find the door locked, please just dial 724.815.9556 and I will come down and greet you.