Very Best Little Hair House in Sharon Wig Boutique

Reopens May 8 by appointment only!

This is to continue to protect the public from COVID.  Call now!


Welcome! Prepare to leave here looking natural and beautiful

Don't trust your looks to a cheap catalog or an online site where it is truly a guessing game. I specialize and have 15 years in making you look natural and no one cam tell you have a wig or topper on.

"Even More Beautiful"

This is our first commercial that will be airing on Spectrum cable channels shortly.  Enjoy!

Virtual tour of my wig boutique.

Take a three minute tour around my little wig boutique located in beautiful downtown Sharon, PA. I carry the best brands of wigs and toppers, plus lovely and unique sunglasses, headcovers, new old stock vintage hankies and gloves, and accessories.

The best selection of wigs that don't look like wigs, the most natural looking hair toppers.

You will leave here with something that fits correctly, looks beautiful and I will teach you how to take care of your investment. My gift to you with purchase is a care kit containing shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray, well  over $40 value.

We are open when you need us to be.

Monday through Wednesday are open for you to shop simply by calling us and letting us know .

Simply call 724.815.9556 and Debra will be glad to meet you at the shop.


Our Promises to You


Excellent prices with boutique level service.

   I'm Debra and have dealt with my own thinning hair for thirteen years. Shopping for wigs and toppers was a horrible experience! Prices were too high for me to afford in most places, not to mention staff never knew anything no matter what question I asked, so I went to the internet, the prices were much better. But, it turned out to be a very expensive way to go when you add up the money I wasted on the mistakes.  I designed my shop to be exactly the shop that I wished existed for me back then.

Private try on areas, friendly no pressure atmosphere, nice staff that know the products and care.

You'll know what the wig or hairpiece looks like because you can try it on in privacy.

I've been certified by Jon Renau and HairUwear and I am an authorized dealer.


You'll leave here happy.

If you have thinning hair, especially if this is new for you, please don't just take your chances ordering out of a catalog or online.  The fit and appearance is too important to looking like you are not wearing a wig or topper, and I will show and help you.


Look and Feel Your Most Beautiful Ever

.  I can find the right hair/piece for you.  From easy care synthetics to Remi human hair, I know the brands and styles and can help you find what will maximize YOUR beauty in your price range.

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Very Best Little Hairhouse

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By Appointment

Don't be shy! Open at your convenience, just call for an appointment. this assures your privacy and health. Please call 724.815.9556

Virtual Consultation


New to wigs? Questions?

FaceTime or Skype with Debra! 


Debra can teach you!

Whether it is helping you choose a style, or how to make it look natural, I have 15 years of experience and ce


Don't just guess at your beauty!

When you shop online, you may think you are saving a few bucks, but it is hard to guess what is going to look the most perfect on you.  Not only are wigs difficult, toppers are nearly impossible.  Come on in and let a trained experienced Debra help you look impeccable.